Professional Wasp Control Is Needed When The Pests Threaten Your Family Or Pets

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Wasps are common outdoor insects that usually don't bother you. They're beneficial to the environment, but you might still want to have them removed under certain conditions. If you have dogs that play in your yard around wasp nests, the rambunctious behavior and noise could cause the wasps to sting your dog. The same can happen to kids, especially if your child purposefully or accidentally gets too close to the wasps.

If someone in your family has an allergy to stinging pests, you're probably concerned when you see wasps on your property. Even if no one has allergies, you probably want to get rid of wasps that build nests beside your entry since the wasps could fly inside your house when you open the door. A pest control company can help with wasp control. Here's how.

Determine What's Attracting Them

The wasp control professional will look around your house and yard to find things that attract wasps so you can remove them when possible. Wasps like sweets, so a fruit tree or flowers may be attracting the insects. They might be attracted by foundation plants with large leaves they can build nests behind for shade. Wasps are also attracted to water, so if you have mulch around your house to keep your plants moist, the damp mulch and standing water might attract wasps too.

Pour Or Spray Insecticide On The Nest

Wasps can be killed by treating their nest. This kills the wasps inside and continues to kill wasps for a few days so wasps are killed when they return to the nest. Treatment might also depend on the species of wasp. The exterminator might need to treat a single large nest or many small ones. Some nests may be high off of the ground in trees and others might be under the ground.

Some wasps are aggressive and others aren't, so it's important for the exterminator to identify the wasps so they know the right way to control them. Applying pesticide to the nest is the common treatment, but if wasps are living in a crack in your foundation or porch, they may need to vacuum them out to get rid of them.

Combine Natural Treatments

While wasp control treatments kill existing wasps, if something on your property is attracting them, you might need occasional treatments to get rid of new wasps. In addition to having scheduled pest control treatments, you might put out wasp traps and put in plants that wasps don't like, such as mint and citronella. If you have a child with a stinging insect allergy, you'll probably want to do all you can to keep wasps away from your home and areas where your child plays outside. 

For more info about wasp extermination, contact a local company.