5 Factors That Impact Your Cabinet Choice

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Choosing new cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom can be exciting, but there are some important decisions to be made before you purchase. The following are a few factors to keep in mind.

1. Maintenance Needs

Most cabinet materials are easy to maintain, as they are typically finished so that dirt and fingerprints simply wipe off with water or a gentle cleanser. Design can make some cabinets a bit more time-consuming to clean, though. For example, you may want to avoid cabinet doors with intricate carvings or decorative inset panel frames if you don't want to spend time carefully cleaning the grime that can collect in the detailing.

2. Design Updates

If you don't plan to replace or re-face your cabinets each time you change the decor or style of your kitchen, then opt for a design that is easy to update as your style evolves over the years. Wood cabinets are easier to repaint than other materials, for example. If you opt for cabinetry with knobs or pulls, consider those with single-hole mounted hardware so there is more versatility and less need to fill in extra holes in the future if you change out the hardware.

3. Operation Style

Cabinet hardware can range from simple hinges and drawer slides to pneumatic arms that ensure a cabinet or drawer always closes without slamming shut. There are even cabinets available with built-in child safety latches, which can be quite useful in homes with young children. Check out all the available hardware options and choose the one that works the best with your lifestyle and usage style.

4. Space Requirements

Sometimes the space available for the cabinets will affect your options. If the space fits the standard dimensions of pre-built off-the-shelf cabinetry, you can simply walk into a showroom or home improvement store and order what you need from the catalog. For odd-shaped spaces or tight corners, you will need to look into having custom cabinetry built to fit the spaces available. You may also need custom cabinets if you need something designed to fit a specific storage purpose.

5. Budget Concerns

Don't overlook how much your budget will affect cabinet choice. If you are on a strict remodeling budget, then using pre-built cabinets can save a lot. You can combine pre-built with custom to get a better fit for the space while still realizing some savings. Another option is re-facing, which is when the old cabinet body is re-used, but they are fitted out with updated doors and hardware.

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