Need To Purchase A New Bathroom Faucet? Why A Widespread Faucet Is A Good Choice

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If you need to purchase a new faucet for your bathroom, you have many options to choose from. One of these options is a widespread faucet. Below is information on what this type of faucet is, as well as reasons why this would be a good choice for your bathroom.

Wide Spread Faucet

A widespread faucet has two handles. One handle is for hot water and the other handle is for cold water. Each handle has its own spout. You have the option of mounting each handle onto your sink, or they can be installed on a countertop if you prefer. For a bathroom sink, this will also work if there are three separate holes. You would install a spigot in one hole and a hot and cold handle for the other two holes. 

Wide Spread Faucet Benefits

There are many benefits of choosing a widespread faucet for your bathroom. One is that you can find a widespread faucet that reduces how much water it uses, which can save you money on your water bill each month. 

A widespread faucet is also installed so that the connection for each hot and cold water is hidden beneath the sink. This makes the faucets have a much cleaner look, making them more aesthetically pleasing. 

You also have different options of where you place the faucets. For example, you could put the spout further back than the handles. This is beneficial if your bathroom sink has a strange shape. Widespread faucets also look nice if you have a large countertop. This is because these faucets take up much more room when compared to other types. 

Design Options

There are many design options when it comes to widespread faucets. For example, you could choose a waterfall faucet. With this type of faucet, water cascades out of the faucet, making it sound much better. 

There are a variety of finishes available with widespread faucets. For example, you could choose matte black, bronze, nickel, chrome, and more. This means no matter what design you have in your bathroom, you can find a widespread faucet that would work well for you. You also can choose a large spout, or if you have a small bathroom and sink, a lower spout is available. 

You can consider also installing a widespread faucet in your kitchen as they work well there also.  

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