When To Move From A King Mattress To A Queen Mattress

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If you're thinking about buying a new mattress, it's advantageous to consider what size will suit you best. While your instinct might be to go with a king-sized mattress, this isn't your only choice. Many people move from king to queen mattresses at various points in their lives, and you may be at a time that this change makes sense to you. This can especially be true if you've been thinking about changing your bed frame for a while, too. Here are some times to move from a king mattress to a queen-sized model.

Your Children Are Older

A lot of couples favor a king when their children are young, given that children who climb into your bed at night can take up a lot of space. There's little question that a king-sized mattress can be ideal when you're occasionally sharing your bed with one or more children, but this phase of your life won't last forever. If your kids have reached a point at which they're no longer getting into bed with you because of bad dreams or simply a need to snuggle, you might wish to switch to a queen mattress. It will provide more than enough space for you and your significant other.

You're Now Single

People become single for a wide range of reasons, but if you've recently found yourself in this situation and you currently own a king-sized mattress, it may be worth reconsidering. When you're in bed alone, it may make little sense to have a mattress this large. In your situation, a queen mattress will still give you more than enough room to sleep comfortably — but without taking up so much space in your bedroom.

You're Moving Into A Smaller Home

King-sized beds and mattresses can be a good fit in a large bedroom, but you may want to re-evaluate your current sleeping situation if you'll soon be moving into a new home. It's important to assess the measurements of your new bedroom and determine what type of mattress it will best accommodate. When you move from a king to a queen, you're saving space. If your new bedroom will be smaller in size than your current one, you may appreciate the extra roominess that will come with a reduction in your bed and mattress size.

Visit a local mattress store to assess its queen mattresses in stock, and ask any questions you may have.