Tips For Decorating With A Rustic Coffee Table

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A rustic coffee table, something you might expect to find at a hardware store, can be an enchanting addition to your living room. In fact, it can drive the style of your space. Indeed, as Home Edit points out, chunky pieces such as a rustic coffee table drive the style. Wood is a favored material for such a piece. Below are some ways you can design your living room around a rustic coffee table.

Pick the Coffee Table

The first step is to choose the coffee table itself. Naturally, you should look first to a wooden coffee table. One that looks rough-hewn will be very authentic. However, the main requirement besides material is the coffee table should be sturdy. It should feel like a durable item of furniture that can last through the generations. Also look for a distressed or an otherwise timeworn finish.

Decorate Your Coffee Table

The coffee table can stand alone. However, designers often decorate the tops of tables to further create the desired ambience. For the rustic coffee table, consider setting out a wooden bowl or tray. The wood should be similar to the table material but not matching. Look for antique items, such as an old book, to add to the display. Add a plant or flowers for some color and cheer.

Add an Accent Piece

Your coffee table doesn't have to be your only rustic item. If you're not ready to replace the large items, such as your sofa, consider adding another table. You'll likely choose an accent table that looks similar to your coffee table. You may even choose to buy it from the same merchant. Place this table between chairs. You might set it with an old-fashioned water pitcher for rustic appeal.

Implement a Cozy Palette

If you're making over the whole room, consider starting over with a new palette. Your coffee table should serve as one of the colors in the palette, most likely a warm neutral. Look for similarly warm colors, such as brick red and terracotta. Dark chocolate brown would make a good base color. You can use these colors for paint, décor items, and textiles.

Lay Warm Textiles Around

Another way you can create a cozy rustic ambience without new seating is with textiles. These textiles can include an area rug, throw blankets, and decorative pillows. If you have lamps with shades, you can replace those. Look for cozy textiles that work within your chosen palette. You may even lay a textile runner across your coffee table to add some texture.

Use a rustic coffee table as the focal point in your living room décor. Contact a company that sells products from brands like Sauder Furniture for more ideas.