Homeowner's Guide To Termite Control: FAQ

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One of the biggest fears of any homeowner is a termite infestation. These nasty little critters can cause extensive damage to your home that could lead to costly repairs. Keeping termite problems under control is essential if you are to avoid dealing with extensive renovations. The following article examines some of the most common questions homeowners have about this topic.

What Are the Signs of an Infestation?

Because termites feed on wood and wood products, a common sign that termites have targeted your house is blistering or softness in your wood flooring or damage to your wood walls. If a wood wall feels hollowed out, this could indicate termite activity. Also, if you notice any wood-like pellets that resemble coffee grounds, this usually indicates the presence of drywood termites. 

Another sign that you have infestation is discarded insect wings. Flying termites called swarmers sometimes emerge from a termite colony to form new colonies. They discard their wings shortly after they emerge.

Additionally, check for mud tubes, long tunnels made from mud that are about as wide as a pencil, on your walls or on your siding. Mud tunnels are one the most common signs of a termite nest in your house.

Can I Control a Termite Invasion Myself?

The short answer is no. The longer answer to this question is that although some do-it-yourself products are available, it takes a professional termite control service to ensure that an infestation is being handled properly. Determining the best way to deal with your specific circumstances requires a lot of knowledge and experience that the average homeowner simply does not possess. 

You have little to gain by doing the job yourself and a lot to lose. Pest control services guarantee their work, so you are protected when you hire an experienced termite exterminator.

How do Termite Services Control an Infestation?

The termite service will typically treat the entire perimeter of a home with a liquid that forms a barrier the termites cannot penetrate. Because termites need to return to the soil every soil often to survive, the ones in your home will eventually die. Any termites outside your home will be prevented from entering by the barrier.

In some cases, the termite company might use specialized baits. When the termites take the bait back to the nest, the other termites will ingest it and die.

To learn more about this subject, contact a professional termite control service your city or town.