Tips To Help You Embrace The Beautiful View Around Your Home

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When you're blessed enough to live in a home with a view, you want to do everything in your power to avoid blocking that view in any way. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you embrace the view while keeping the family safe.

Picture Windows and French Doors

Long ago, installing walls of windows and doors wouldn't be the most efficient option, but today, windows and doors are made so well that you won't have to worry about too much energy loss around them.

Consider installing large picture windows on the walls that don't have a patio or deck outside. If there's a patio or deck, consider installing French or pocket doors. During the spring, summer, and some of fall, you'll be able to open up the doors and windows and allow the fresh air from outside to fill your home and bring a little of the outdoors inside.


Don't interrupt the view with the railings around the decking and stairs. Instead, consider using cable railings. Cable railings provide a beautifully rustic look while still protecting you and your loved ones from falling off of the deck.

When installing the cable railings, be sure that the cables are placed close enough together that children won't be able to slip and fall underneath or between them. Check your local building regulations to learn how far each cable can be spread apart to maintain the codes. If you don't build the railing to code, you will have to replace it if you ever decide to sell the home – it will be found during an inspection. Talk to a company like Tampa Bay Hand Railings for more information.

Light It Up

Illuminating the outside can allow you to enjoy more of the outdoors even after the sun has gone down. If you don't have too many trees around, you can use solar-powered lighting to illuminate the exterior of your home, but if you live under a tree canopy, the lights won't charge up enough to last through the night – you'll have to use electric lights.

Tip: Look into the latest LED ribbon lights. These can be found in various colors and sizes – and some even have motion detectors built into them so they turn on as you walk by and shut off immediately after you're gone.

Talk to your local professionals to find new ways to embrace the view that you are so very blessed with. You and your family are sure to remember spending all of the nights and days enjoying each other in such a beautiful setting.