Preventing Weeds In Your Lawn: What You Can Do

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A lush green lawn is what everyone strives for, but if you don't keep up with your yard work, you could end up with a patchy green or brown lawn that is filled with weeds. This isn't exactly going to be a very good look for your home. To help keep your yard free of weeds, there are things you can do. Read on for tips to prevent weeds in your lawn.

Mow High

Keep your lawn trimmed often; mowing it high can help to keep weeds out. This is because the taller grass will prevent the sunlight from getting to the weeds and can prevent them from growing. Change the setting on your mower to keep it high. This may mean you're going to be mowing more often, but the end result is going to be worth it.

Bag Your Clippings

If you have a yard with a lot of weeds in it, you should bag your clippings. If you don't have any weeds yet, you can allow the clippings to be spread around your yard to help fertilize the lawn. The reason you need to bag the clippings if you have weeds is because those weeds have seedlings in them which can be spread around your yard quickly leading to a lot more weeds.

Spray Your Yard

Follow a regimen such as using weed and feed first to get rid of any weeds that may have already popped up in your yard such as crab grass or dandelions. During the mid-season, you should use fertilizer to get your lawn to grow in thicker and plusher. If you have any patches where the grass is missing, you can use grass seed to fill in these areas. If you spot a weed here and there in your yard, you can simply pull them out of your yard.

Keep Your Lawn Watered

Grass does not thrive well in dry weather. Your grass may begin to die, and weeds will start to fill in. You need to water your lawn when the climate is too dry and mother nature isn't giving you any assistance. Spray your yard down so that it's soaked but not puddling. Water when the sun is not on the lawn. If the sun is on your lawn while you water, you could end up burning your lawn. Use a sprinkler on a timer or install a sprinkler system in your yard.

Weeds can make your yard look unsightly. Prevent weeds from invading your lawn and get a plush lawn again by following the tips above, or you can hire a professional lawn care company to take care of those weeds for you. For more information, check out a website like