Stone Figures That You Need For Your Jungle Theme Yard

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Creating a theme for your backyard will help to develop a cohesive unit outside. One theme that works when you love plants and wish to have a completely green yard is a jungle theme. Jungles have an array of plant life and flowers, which grow from the ground and fall from overhead as well. Here are some extras that you need to include in your backyard to pull off a pretty jungle theme. 

Find stone fetishes

Stone fetishes of animals are some of the best ways to include animal life inside of your jungle theme yard. All types of animals are found in jungles, such as large cats, snakes, monkeys, and small reptiles. Select some stone fetishes of your favorite animals or the animals that you think of as your spirit animals. Place these around your yard and on your patio spaced apart in order to tie animal life into your jungle theme. Be sure to purchase solid stone figures that are large enough to spot so that they are not accidentally stepped on while family and friends are out in the yard. Consider an item like a stone badger fetish medicine box.

Grow vines everywhere

Vines are some of the easiest plants to grow. Vines such as ivy or trumpet vine will tend to grow extensively across the yard when they are planted. Be sure to grow these around the sides of the yard, as they tend to be invasive and can get in the way of the rest of the vines growing. Every week look over the yard and clip or pull up vines that are growing in places that they should not. Encourage the vines to wrap around your fence or posts that you sit on the outside of your yard to create a jungle theme. 

Give bursts of color

It is common for jungles to be largely shades of green with certain types of flowers bursting in random places. Do this in your own yard by planting one small flower pot amongst the green space in your yard. Do not plant any more than one small pot of flowers in one place so that you keep up with the jungle theme. If possible plant a tree such as a plumeria tree in your yard. This will be a large green tree that will sprout white, pink, or red flowers. This will give you the color that you need in your yard without having to make sure that flowers do not cause too much distraction from the green-scape.