3 Important Maintenance Steps For Residential Irrigation Systems

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If you own a home, one of the more important systems is the irrigation system. It's what keeps your lawn beautiful and healthy. It can only do its job effectively, though, if you take care of it in the following ways. 

Inspect Sprinkler Heads

The sprinkler heads play an important role for your irrigation system, as they're what direct water over parts of your lawn. To ensure they're providing the proper coverage on a consistent basis, you need to make an effort to inspect them thoroughly.

See what type of condition they're in. Are they structurally sound and free of rust? If they aren't and you can obviously tell water flow is being interrupted, you may need to have your sprinkler heads replaced entirely; this won't be difficult if you contact the right irrigation installation company. Make sure they're licensed and credentialed, so that your system is in good hands and isn't jeopardized any further.

Evaluate Water Coverage 

No matter what type of irrigation system you have, it's important to evaluate its water coverage. After all, you want all areas of your lawn to receive water so that it can grow and thrive throughout the year.

What you'll need to do is turn your irrigation on at full power. See how well it spreads water over your yard. If there are spots getting left out, you may need to consider adding more sprinkler heads. You wouldn't want parts of your lawn receiving inadequate amounts of water and potentially dying, after all.

Hire a Pro

There will be times when severe complications occur with your irrigation system. Instead of fixing these problems yourself and potentially doing more damage than good, you need to hire professionals who have experience working with these systems. They can fix a wide variety of problems that you're probably not capable of addressing, including broken sprinkler heads, clogged nozzles, leaking valves, controller damage, and seal leaks. Whatever is wrong with your irrigation system, you'll receive detailed repair plans and cost estimates. This way, you can decide if the repair is worth it or if it would be better to just install a completely new system.

Since the irrigation system on your property is such an important factor of having a healthy lawn, you need to take your time maintaining it throughout the years. As long as you follow the correct care steps, your system can function at an optimal rate for years. To learn more, contact a company like Hydrotech Irrigation Co