Have A Pipe Burst But Temperatures Aren't Cold? What To Do

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If you suddenly have a burst pipe but you don't think that the temperatures are cold enough to cause this to happen, you want to call an emergency plumbing repair service right away. When the temperatures freeze and the water turns to ice, it expands and this can cause the pipes to burst. If your temperatures aren't below freezing and this isn't the culprit, you want to get to the bottom of the problem and you want to have all your other pipes inspected at the same time. Look into the following things.

Extreme Pressure

If there is a sudden surge of extreme water pressure and you have weak pipes, this could have caused the pipe to explode and leak.  The plumbers will look to see if they think that this is the cause of the damages, or if there is another concern that could have caused the sudden eruption. The connection of water pressure from the city line will have to be inspected if pressure is suspected to be the cause.

Clogged Area

A clogged that keeps getting pushed into the sides of the pipe by water can cause the pipes to burst. If you find an object that looks like it came out of the pipe, that could have been jammed into the pipe, then this could most likely be what happened. You want to have the pipe fixed and you may want to have screens put on the drains to prevent something else from falling down into the drains.

Corrosion to the Pipes

If there has been a lot of corrosion to the pipes overtime because of the water, this could be weakening the structure of the pipes and it could cause the pipes to crumble or break. If you noticed that there is a lot of rust, galvanization or other types of corrosion on the pipes, you may need to have all of the pipes examined.

Talk with the plumber to see if they think that the problem with the pipe that burst is a problem throughout your entire plumbing system. If it is, you may want to look into upgrading and replacing some of the pipes in you system. There are a lot of different reasons why the pipe may have burst, but you want to call a plumber so you can get it cleaned up and so you can make sure it doesn't cause a disaster again.