Three Decorations That You Need For A Mermaid-Themed Swimming Pool

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Just like the interior of your home needs a theme, the exterior decoration of your home should be taken just as seriously. If you have a pool in your backyard, you may want to have a water theme for the outside. A mermaid theme for your backyard pool area will provide you with an understated glamorous feel. Here are three decorations that you will need for a mermaid themed swimming pool in your backyard. 

Find large shell pool decorations

A beautiful pool that is as blue as the ocean is the perfect start to your mermaid backyard decorations. Inside of the pool, you should add an open shell as decoration. A large, deep shell can be sunk unto the end of one of the pools to serve as a pool decoration. If you would rather keep the pool unobstructed, you can add a one of these stone products to the end of your pool. You can add a padding inside of the shell for sitting, or you can make it the space to keep all of the pool toys and floaties. 

Install stone statues of ladies

Statues of ladies always make a place look more elegant and sensual. Add a few statues of stone ladies around the perimeter of your backyard. Make sure that these statues are several feet tall so that they are easily spotted and can stand on their own in the yard. Statues made of high-quality stone will last a long time and will be fine in the yard, even in rain or snow. If you prefer certain mythological or fairy tale creatures, you may be able to find statues of these ladies and have them situated around the yard. keep them away from any areas where children may run, to keep both the statues and children safe. Placing the statues on a high plant bed will give them a permanent place to rest and be seen. 

Carefully place hedges

One addition that you want to make to a mermaid swimming area is a little bit of privacy and decoration in the form of hedges. Hedges can always be cut to specification, either in a tall, rectangular fashion or with a design. These hedges provide a pop of green to an otherwise gray and blue pool area. Hedges also provide a space that looks like it can be a mermaid hideout. Before pool parties, have your hedges trimmed into fish or ocean designs to fit into your pool theme naturally.