Taking Care Of Home Air Quality When You Have Allergies

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Allergies can cause a slow down of everything. Allergy sufferers can sometimes have cold symptoms without having a cold. Watery eyes, a stuffed nose, and difficulties breathing are not fun for anyone. If you have people with allergies inside of your home, the best thing that you can do to stop allergy symptoms is to improve the air quality inside of the home. If you have children and pets and you are trying to stave away allergy symptoms here are some changes to make to your home. 

Get custom air filters changed often

Some air filters are better than others, but finding out is often a matter of trial and error. If you want to know that your HVAC system will run without problems, you should have custom air filters made for your home. In order to do this, you will need to have a firm come to inspect your HVAC systems. Your custom air filter can last for several months but should be changed at least every three months. Purchasing several customized filters at a time will keep a year's supply to help you ventilation properly catch any possible allergy irritants. 

Keep plants that increase air quality

Plants such as aloe vera, bamboo, and ficus trees are perfect to add to the interior of the home. These reduce air pollution. which can help to keep outside allergens at bay. Place air quality increasing plants near the windows and entrances of your rooms to help those who suffer from allergies. Putting a plant that increases air quality in each room can help reduce allergy symptoms for everyone in the family. 

Daily sweeps and vacuums

When there are allergy sufferers in your home who are at risk of feeling bad, it is important that you do more cleaning on a regular basis. Institute a rule that shoes come off at the door so that no one tracks in outside plants. Have everyone change upon entering the home into "home only" lounge clothing so that plant pollens do not reach the sofas and the beds. Vacuuming or sweeping also needs to be a daily chore throughout the home, especially if you have pets. A light vacuum or a quick sweeping of every room will keep away dust bunnies. Every month, get the HVAC system cleaned out so that any debris that is settling inside of the heating and cooling ventilation is removed from the home.