Four Reasons White Granite Stone Should Be The Default Counter Top In Your Home

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Building a home comes with the selection of a lot of variables. One of the best ways to make purchase selections for home materials easier to manage is to get the same materials throughout the home. When you are setting up countertops in the bathrooms, kitchen, and dining areas, you should stick with one material throughout the home. Not only does this create continuity, but it allows you to spend less time picking out home features and could net you a discount on the materials. Here are four good reasons why white granite stone countertops should be the default counter inside of your new build. 

It looks clean

Any house that looks good must start off looking clean. A room with white counters that are kept spotless will automatically appear to be clean. White granite stone counters that have sparse decorations are the perfect setting for the perfect room. The clean look is a room theme that never goes out of style. 

The counters are easy to decorate around

Whether you want a black and white theme or a turquoise and gold home theme, you can work with white counters to make the decor look right. White countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms will blend in with everything else. White countertops can even go with all dark wood cabinets, floors, and dark appliances in the kitchen to provide proper contrast. 

Kids know when it is clean

Dark countertops can sometimes hide stains and spills, which can be ignored by inexperienced cleaners. With white cabinets, kids can learn to be careful and they can wipe up any spills or stains that are present at the current time. With white cabinets, children that are just learning to clean correctly will be able to spot any stains, hair, and other debris on the counter, no matter how small. This will help to make your children more careful people in the restrooms and kitchen as they get older. 

Resale value is valuable

If you get a custom colored counter top there is a good chance that the next buyer will not be as impressed with the color as you. Since kitchens and restrooms are major selling points, this could mean taking a hit if and when you put your home on the market. A white counter top can be appreciated by a larger quantity of buyers, making your home desirable and sellable on the market at any point in time.