Four Things To Consider When Having A Custom Floor Plan Created For Your Dream Home

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Having a custom home built for your family is a great way to ensure that you are able to have a home that perfectly suits your needs. Before you can have a custom home created, you must have a floor plan created for a contractor to follow. A ranch style home is very popular for many families because they are so customizable and often very affordable to have created. Use the following guide to learn what things to consider when having a custom floor plan created for your future home.

Consider Whether You Want a Front Deck on the Home

When a home is built with a deck on the front of the house, the roof of the home often has to extend over the deck, as well. Your home builder will need to know if you plan to have a deck built onto the front of your home before construction even begins so that he or she can properly build the roof on the home.

Consider Whether You Want the Home to Have an Attached Garage

There are some homeowners who enjoy being able to go into their garage by simply opening a door in their home and stepping through it. This is great for areas that are prone to snow and rain because you do not have to go out in the elements to get to your car. If you are considering an attached garage, you need to consider how many cars you want to be able to fit into the garage and if you want a large single door or for multiple doors to be used for the garage.

Consider Whether You Want the Home to Have an Open or Closed Floor Plan

When the floor plan is being created, you need to determine if you want the home to have an open concept, or of you would prefer things to be more closed off. There are many families who enjoy being able to converse while dinner is being made or during family gatherings. For these families, an open floor plan is often best.

Consider Whether You Want the Home to Have a Basement

Finally, you need to consider if you want the home to have a basement. Ranch style homes are typically single story homes. If you want to have a basement created under the home, you need to specify this while the floor plan is being created to ensure that the contractors know to dig the basement before they start to create the foundation for the home.

Once the architect has this information, along with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want in the home, he or she will be able to create a rough sketch of the ranch floor plan right away. Once the rough sketch is complete, you and the architect will be able to go over it in great detail to ensure that every aspect of your home is perfect when everything is said and done.