3 Good Reasons To Install A Full House Water Filtration System In Your Home

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A lot of homeowners look at water filtration as an unnecessary expense. After all, the majority of homes do have access to a public water supply. However, even though you have access to what should be clean public water, this does not mean full house water filters are a waste of money. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons to ensure all water coming into your home is filtered. 

1. You or a family member has specific sensitivities to public water ingredients. Public water supplies contain a certain level of chemicals and contaminants that are regarded as safe for the general public to consume. However, some people are more sensitive to some of these contaminants than others. For example, some people have a specific sensitivity to things like chlorine, which is often used for sanitizing, or fluoride, which is added to some public systems to support healthy teeth. In these situations, it makes perfect sense to install a full-house water filtration system so the water coming from the tap is safe to consume for everyone. 

2. You live in an area where questionable public water is a problem. As sad as it is to consider, there are actually a lot of public water systems that have been contaminated by pollution on some level. The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is the perfect example. The public water supply was contaminated with high levels of lead and has created all kinds of health concerns for residents. If pollution or contamination has ever been an issue in your area, or if you live in close proximity to potential contaminators, such as industrial factories, it is a good idea to consider a whole-home water filtration system just in case there is ever a problem. 

3. You have bothersome problems with hard water. Hard water is considered a nuisance for sure, but it can also be costly because it can cause everything from damaged home appliances to clogged pipes and drains. Hard water is basically water that contains a high level of minerals, such as calcium or magnesium. Hard water is not a major health concern, but definitely a bother for homeowners over time. You can invest in a water filtration system for your whole house and eliminate whatever problems you have with hard water in your home, whether it is problematic deposits in your dishwasher or accumulating hard water scum in your shower.