What Your Window Type Says About You

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Designed to let in light and air, glass windows were actually first used by the ancient Romans. Of course only the wealthy nobility could afford them. Not until the 17th century were glass windows inexpensive enough to be a common feature in homes. The many styles of windows in use today reflect our wide variety of tastes. What kind of window do you prefer in your home? Take a look at what your window type really says about you.         

Garden Window

Garden windows are perfect for growing plants. If you have a garden window, or many, you might have a green thumb. The extra amount of sunlight that enters from nearly every side makes it easier for plants to survive. Even if you live in the harshest cold winter, your garden window lets you have your bit of green until spring arrives.

If you detest plants, then your garden window can display other objects that are dear to you. All that sunlight will certainly light up a collection of antique glass or porcelain.

Glass Blocks

You are a private person, but why not just choose frosted glass panes? Because you like to be different. Glass blocks come in several types of designs to keep people from looking in. Also, glass blocks can be stacked in just about any shape and dimension. This allows you to let express your uniqueness. Don't limit your imagination to just a bathroom; glass blocks work for an entire wall in a sunroom and even a home office.

Picture Window

Your bold, dramatic personality meets its match in windows. Picture windows do just that. They fill up a wall with what's important to you – your view. If you live by a lake, along the coast, or simply the middle of the woods, why not ditch the artwork and enjoy your own pictures from your panel of picture windows? Throughout the year, your view is always changing.

Stained Glass

The artist in you is drawn to the color and design of a good stained glass window. It can be antique or a reproduction. Vivid artists need windows of bright colors with plenty of hot reds, bright yellows, and seething orange. A more demure artist needs pale pastels, or a mix of calming greens and blues. Your stained glass can be an attractive design of repeating patterns, a classic Tiffany recreation, or even a copy of a biblical scene from a cathedral in France.

Bay Window

A bay window is a symbol of something solid and traditional. Because a bay window creates more square footage, you like to host large gatherings around your dining room table. Holidays, birthday parties, and Sunday dinners are important to you, and you relish surrounding yourself with loved ones. In the summer you throw open the sliders in the bay and let in the fresh breeze, while in winter you shut the plush curtains against the cold and driving snow.

Round Windows

Round windows evoke a Victorian or Gothic feel, so you must love old homes. While most are not designed to open, but a few specialty windows do. They may be plain glass, or ornamented with architectural elements to resemble stained glass, gingerbread curlicues, or even the wheel of a ship.


Environmentally-minded individuals are drawn to all that extra light a skylight offers. They can be placed in a way to help light up the center of your home. Situated above the master bedroom, a skylight allows you to gaze up at the night sky before you go to sleep. If your skylight opens, it provides extra ventilation. Letting hot air escape from the top floor of your home helps cut down on cooling costs.

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