How To Restore Old Wood Furniture

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Scrapes, clouding, and other blemishes are inevitable on wood furniture after years of use. Fortunately, almost any homeowner can restore their wood furniture to like-new condition with the right tools and know-how. Here is a step-by-step explanation for restoring old wood furniture.

Strip Off the Old Finish

The finish of your wood furniture will have the biggest impact on its appearance, so removing the old finish is a necessary part of the restoration process. This can be done using a commercial aerosol wood stripper and a paint scraper or putty knife.

Begin by spraying the wood with the wood stripper and allow it to rest on the surface of the wood for the amount of time specified on the can. You should see the old finish start to lift away from the surface of the wood. You are now ready to start scraping the finish away using your scraping tool. Repeat the process of applying stripper and scraping until you have removed all of the finish down to the bare wood.

Clean and Sand the Wood

Just because you have removed all of the old finish from your wood furniture, doesn't mean that it is immediately ready for a new coat. You will need to clean and sand the wood to create a surface that the finish will adhere to easily and evenly.

First, wipe down the wood with a cloth soaked in mineral oil to remove dust and debris that may create imperfections in the new finish. After the wood has dried, sand it first with medium-grit, and then with fine-grit sandpaper to level out the surface and remove any small traces of the old finish that you may have missed. Wipe off any sanding dust on the wood with tack cloth and you are ready to stain.

Apply the New Finish

You will need a paintbrush or a staining pad and a clean cloth to stain your wood furniture. Dip the brush or pad into the bucket of stain, and then spread the stain onto the wood in long, even strokes in the direction of the grain.

After each application, wipe gently with your cloth to remove any excess stain that is pooling up on the wood. This will prevent bubbling and streaking in your finish. Repeat this process until you have added enough coats of stain to create the color you desire, and then spray a coat or two of oil-based clear coat onto the wood for a beautiful shine.

Once your restoration process is complete, allow the furniture piece to dry in a well-ventilated room for 24 hours and it will be ready for use. Use these tips to turn any of your old wood furniture into a beautiful centerpiece in your home. Visit a site like for more.