3 Home Decor Ideas Using Water Beads

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Water beads are dry, small and hard when you take them out of the package, but expand to marble-size when soaked in water for the manufacturer's recommended amount of time. The beads are ideal for making home decor crafts, such as table centerpieces for holiday parties and other celebrations.

Because they come in a wide array of vibrant colors, such as red, green, blue, purple and orange, water beads decorations are easy to customize. Since they are available in every color of the rainbow, you can easily find beads to coordinate with your home decor or party theme. They're also available in clear for an elegant, crystal-like appearance. 

The good news is that you don't have to be very crafty to be able to put together one-of-a-kind decor pieces using the beads. In fact, your kids can even help you design the pieces as fun creative projects.

Here are some water bead home decor craft ideas to get you started:

1. LED-Lit Centerpieces 

Using LED lights to illuminate your table is ideal for nighttime dinner parties and romantic soirees. To create a glowing centerpiece, place an LED tea light or two in the bottom of a clear, cylindrical glass vase. Soak clear water beads until they are fully saturated, and then fill the vase to the top with them. The light will shine through the beads, giving off a soft glow.

You can customize the look of the centerpiece with different-colored LED lights, such as festive red and green for a Christmas party. Other ideas include pink for a Valentine's Day celebration or turquoise for a beach-themed birthday party.

2. Glamorous Decor 

If your home has a glamorous look, enhance any room with a simple craft using clear water beads. Fill small, round or square glass vases vases with transparent water beads for a diamond- or crystal-inspired appeal. 

You can also mix in a few sapphire blue or emerald green beads for an elegant gemstone appearance. Set the shimmering bead-filled vases on bathroom shelves, bedroom vanities, or any other place you want a touch of glam.

3. Flower Vases 

As another dining room table or coffee table centerpiece idea, fill the bottom of a large, clear glass vase with water beads in any color, and place a bouquet of flowers in a smaller vase. Nestle the flower-filled vase in the beads to finish the decor piece. 

Set water bead-filled tea light candle holders around the display to complete the look. 

To learn more ideas, contact companies where you can buy water bead packs.